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Healing through expressive

modalities, creativity, and mindfulness.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany Thompson, Ph.D. candidate, M.Ed., LMHC-A, NCC. I'm an actress, author, counselor, creative coach, and therapist, with a background in expressive therapies, mental health, and school counseling. Before getting to know you, I’d love to tell you a little about me.


I help women, children, teens, and organizations find their purpose through mindfulness, open studio process, expressive and creative arts. I'm all about helping people self-actualize. I really enjoy helping actors better connect to their characters using expressive therapies.

Growing up, performance arts was a big part of my life, which I pursued with a degree in Performance Theater and a certificate in dance therapy.  My educational background includes receiving my Masters of Counseling and Education from Indiana State University, my clinical counseling certification from Butler University, and I’m currently obtaining my doctorate in Expressive Therapies at Lesley University. 

I have over 25 years of professional experience as an actor, educator, and school counselor.  My work with Child Services led me to help adults and children through anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, adjustment concerns, sexual trauma, self-esteem issues, grief, academic problems, domestic violence, attention, and focus issues. As an acting coach, I've been able to use my knowledge in psychology to help many actors become better at their craft, by teaching them how to attune with their character. 


Over the past seven years, I've been researching and studying sound/music therapy.  I use sound for healing with my clients and teach others to do the same. Sound can be used directly on the body through directed sound waves to specific points of the body using tuning forks. It is more traditionally used through sound bowls which are special bowls made to produce a certain frequency to relax the neurons and body to obtain balance and healing.


Drums, bongs, and many other instruments can be used for these same outcomes.  As a sound healer, I use alchemy sound bowls, and other musical instruments to create frequency shifts in the body and realign neurons for a relaxed meditative state so that the body's system can begin to heal.

This is done by creating harmony between the right and left brain so that balance can be achieved. Some of the benefits that clients have reported to me after sessions have included: reduced stress, lower blood pressure, less foggy brain, more focus, less anxiety, and depression. Others have even reported that their children's ADHD symptoms have been more manageable after treatment with me.

I would love for you to join me for one of my community healing sessions this spring. ​

Come on in. My studio is always open!

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