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Cre8ting a New's Year Ritual

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Does winter stress you out? Do you feel more anxious? Well, you are not alone. Many people feel these same feelings during the winter months, and they are nothing to be ashamed of at all. In fact, it is quite normal, especially with so much going on in our world lately. Coronavirus/COVID19 has many people more anxious and worried. So, what can we do to try to cre8te a space for healing in our lives?

I like to focus on cre8ting what I call "rituals" yes, I know many people feel put off when they hear this word because they think of some " witchcraft" or " cult." However, when I speak of "ritual," I'm merely speaking of a practice that you do "faithfully" or "religiously" every day. A practice that creates good habits and allows you to connect with your inner self to connect to Love. This can look different for each person. I feel it is important to do this in the winter months, especially at the first of the year when many people are cre8ting their new year's resolution.

So, what is a " ritual" as it pertains to Tiffany? For me, a ritual is a part of my daily practice and worship. This can start small and grow over time. When I first started during this, I was unsure what it would look like for me, but eventually, I got the blueprint and the plan.

It started with me setting my alarm and waking up at a certain time each day. Some people go to the gym or add exercise to this ritual. I did a combination of things, but it took time. It was a slow process getting started. So, don't get upset or give up on it if you don't do it perfectly, or if you miss a day- it happens!

As I stated above, it started with me setting a certain time in the morning. Some people do this in the evening and others at night. I even know some that have an evening ritual and a morning one. Some alternate between morning and evenings, and some do it whenever they feel they need to connect.

How do you get started? First, decide on the time of day? This could be early morning, mid-day, or evening. Then decide what activities you enjoy or what things bring you joy. For me, these things can very. That is why I'm an expressive therapist because I get joy out of all elements of expression. I will admit that some days I get more joy out of some activities than others.

I normally start with a deep breath and a grounding exercise. This might involve me using my singing bowl or listening to soft music. I often like to put on inspirational music, such as gospel or spiritually inspired sounds, of nature. It does not matter how you get to where you are going, as long as you get there. The point of this ritual is for it to be simple, easy, and bring you closer to yourself so that you can connect to Love/God.

You can sit down, stand up, or lay down. I suggest that whatever position you take, it is one that you are committed to fully. When you are in this place, you are still and listen to your consciousness, as it connects you to the Love inside of you.

I first take several deep breaths and drop my shoulders each time. I focus on taking all the tension out of my body. Then I sit in the silence of my mind. It is strange and weird the first few times, but then you get used to it. After I have sat with myself for a few minutes, I start to speak to God and give him gratitude. I thank the spirit of Love for allowing me this day; I thank Love for sheltering me, protecting me, and giving me a new opportunity to move forward in Love. Then I focus on my breath. At this time, I might turn on some soft music, and I might continue to bask in the silence and solitude of my own mind. Once I have given God all the Love and gratitude back. I sit and wait for the same to be returned. Then I will journal and write out my thoughts. I might feel moved to dance, worship, or go into a deep prayer- it depends. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on where I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If I feel very depleted and disconnected, this routine can go on for hours. If I'm feeling powerful, satisfied, and connected, it can be quick. The bottom line is that it is done daily.

This time can also be a time of reflection or movement. I have moments where I might feel moved to move or sing. You have to allow the inner soul to connect with the spirit and guide you. It is a wonderful experience. Once you have it, you will continue to want more and seek these opportunities to do it.

If I'm rushing, tired, and did not get any sleep, I will do the ritual at my desk. I will sit for a few minutes in silence, take a few deep breaths so that I can tap into God's energy of love, and activate the "spirit of Christ" within me. I give gratitude, accept this spirit of Love and activation to go out and do great things.

Writing is a big part of the ritual for me. I have to write down a poem, a key thought, a question, and sometimes even scriptures. It just depends on which way my spirit is being led that day. I have noticed that the more I commit to during this daily, the better my days and weeks go for me. The days that I do not do my ritual things feel off, and I'm not my best self. So, this winter, make sure you are creating some ritual that allows you time to breathe, show gratitude, and reflect. You never know what God might show you and help guide you to Cre8te.


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