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Fall Into a New Season of Being

Fall is upon us, and we are moving into a new season. With a new season comes new opportunities to reevaluate our life goals and plans. We often walk through life and never take the time to be with the moment. When we realize that there is so much fulfillment in the opportunity to be, we learn that we can exist. Our existence is authentic to who we are and allowing every moment to be exactly what God has ordained it to be. We don't need to worry or complain. We need to sit with it, the pain, the hurt, the good, the love, and whatever emotions we are going through.

The fall for many people is the time that they start to notice their emotions. It is a time when things are dying, and we, as the season, can die to old habits, beliefs, and situations that no longer serve us.

I encourage you to take this fall season to just be-to be in the moment. Take this time to reflect, to inspire, to love, and to exist. Allow yourself to die out to whatever desires or things that no longer serve you. When you make up your mind and realize that being is the easy part of existing, I'm telling you. You have found gold because now your true purpose in life can align, and your spirit can move about freely and work in the promised that are to be.

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