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May The Light Shine Through You

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Sometimes we get so consumed in the daily actions of others and how they have hindered us in some form or fashion that we forget to focus on the light within. How do we change that?

First, we must create a space internally rooted in the love that we only see the light. Please read that again; we have to make that space within ourselves.

When we fail to manifest our light, we only see the darkness around us—practice centering yourself around being the light. I firmly believe that you illuminate what is in you, and you see in others what is in you as well. If you noticed that, all you are witnessing is the negative attributes of others.

Stop and think to yourself, what is in my heart, and what has my focus? Self-reflection is essential, and we must do it daily. Every day take time to reset yourself and examine your heart. May the light always shine through you.

If you like help connecting to the light within, schedule a session with me for further guidance, check out my sessions, and book an appointment. My studio is always open!

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