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My Role In My Healing

What role do we play in our healing and or health? We play a significant role in these aspects of our life. We frequently take credit for the good things that happen in our bodies and positive energy when we lose weight or pass a test. However, what about the bad things that happen to our bodies? Do we ever sit and think about our role in the negative things that occur within ourselves? The food we eat that isn't always the best for us and causes weight gain, the negative attitude we carry causes us to have tension in our muscles, and the lack of sleep we get makes us groggy.

How often do we take the time to look at our overall health and our role in it? Mental health is tied to how we treat ourselves. I have clients that suffer in their body frequently. They're constantly in pain and hurting. I understand the negative tension that they are carrying around. However, I know most of them have never stopped to look at what they are doing to their bodies daily. They don't take the time to evaluate the self-harm they are causing themselves.

The person may start to feel heavy in other areas of their life and not realize that heaviness comes from the negative self-talk, the lack of honoring themselves, and being willing to tell others-NO! Eventually, this causes other illnesses to materialize in their body.

We play a significant role in our healing and health. I have so many clients who ask me if I think they need medication or seek out medical treatment constantly to no avail. I'm not a medical doctor, but I'm a therapist that can recommend a diagnosis, and for some of my clients, medication is necessary, but for most, it's not; it's a change of mindset and a new way of looking at themselves on this life's journey.

They come back week after week with the same elements and same life struggles. As a therapist, it's my job to welcome them back. However, after about the fourth week of the same conversation, the conversation on my side starts to look different. I have to drill down to the core of their issues. This is not always pretty because most people do not want to take credit because they might have helped create some toxic things in their lives.

As a therapist that uses expressive therapies, I listen and then guide my clients through a series of activities that help the client connect to their inner self. This work allows them to get to the root cause of their issues as the client can move into a place of honesty and see themselves from a different level of consciousness. They can feel a rush of emotions. These emotions are what help them begin the healing process. Some clients feel sadness, some laughter, others experience a rush of all the feelings, and some feel nothing, but later at their next session, they express how they were at home and felt this rush of emotions.

It is so empowering to be able to take back control of your own body and mind. You realize the role you play in your health and how your physical health and mental health are connected. Once you recognize, body, spirit, and mind are one. You can start to take the necessary steps for complete healing. If you are looking for support in your healing journey book a session with me at; my studio is always open!

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