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Showers of Care

It is raining, and the sun has gone away. We feel that no one cares because the day is blue, and we are left careless? Yep, that is what happens when emotions try to rule you. However, we can not allow feelings to lead us. We have to focus on the state of being. What is the state of being? It most likely is looking at your recent experiences. What is happening right now at this moment? Care, what does it mean to care? Webster's dictionary describes care as the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something? Are you showering others with care? If my state of being is to have care, then I must give it to receive it. As a spiritual being, care should be my number one place that I move from at this state. However, it is hindered through this physical state of being. How do I connect the state of care to my state of being? Each day, I must actively rise with the mindset that I will shower others with care despite how I feel or despite my emotional state. My state of being is temporary, but to give " showers of care," I have to tap into empathy, gratitude, and love. So that even when I don't feel that I'm being showered with care. I still must move in that direction

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