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Winter Worries

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Blog One: SAD how to Cre8te Happy

The weather has changed, and so has our mood. We went from the warm summers to the breezy cool fall,l with the smell of apple pie and cinnamon cider. It is winter; the cold air has come, snow and ice are our new best friends. For some, this is a welcome treat because they love the smell of pine and winter mint. They enjoy snowflakes and the glistening snow on their windows. However, for many, Seasonal Depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder), also referred to as "SAD," starts to settle in, and they don't know how to combat this dreadful feeling of isolation, loneliness, and depression. SAD is a mood disorder that happens every year around the same time. Although many doctors do not know where it comes from, they all agree that it occurs and is real.

If you suffer from this disorder or think that you might, I recommend seeing a medical professional and having an assessment to receive a diagnosis. Once you have received your diagnosis of SAD, you should follow the medical professional's directions. I also know that some might not be suffering from SAD but merely suffering from the fact that there is less sunlight, and so they are not as " happy' as in the months where sunlight is abundant. I recommend that you have SAD ruled out and try some things to bring joy back into your life. As a natural holistic spiritual healer, I can try to do some activities at home to keep my family and myself happy and healthy. Activities that help us go through the process of healing.

I know that I'm a person that loves the SUN. I enjoy being outdoors and in the light as much as possible during the summer months. However, that does not stop me from finding ways to have excitement in the winter. One activity that can be fun to do is to create art by making a painting or a picture. I recommend using colors that make you feel happy and put you in a good mood. The colors that do this for me are sea green and yellow. These colors always spark joy in my life. I suggest getting a canvas or a thick piece of paper and using paint for this project. You can do this alone or have your spouse, significant other, friend, or child do it with you. It is also a fun activity to do with some girlfriends. You can use different paintbrushes or your hands. I prefer to use my hands ( use finger paints if possible) and mix the colors all over the canvas. You can even take turns passing the canvas back and forth, placing your hands on the canvas, and making different motions. The touch of paint can be relaxing for many and put you in a place of peaceful zen. It is even better when you play soft, soothing music or sounds as you play with the paint. Try this out, and let me know how you enjoyed it! My studio is always open!

Happy Cre8ting and Healing!

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