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Blissful Living

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

We all want to live " Our Best Life," but what does that mean? If I'm living my best life, does that involve material things, spiritual things, healthy things, or just me being happy? What is blissful living? A better question might be what does the word "Blissful" mean? According to webster's dictionary, the word blissful means extremely happy, full of joy. Now we know what the word blissful means. The question is, can we truly have a "blissful life," and if so, what does that look like?

I have personally asked myself this often, and I often thought it was impossible unless you had every material need met. However, as I grew in my spiritual practice of Love, I learned that to be "blissful" is a state of being. It has nothing to do with this external world and everything to do with the internal. The question you have to ask yourself is? What does happiness look like for me? I often asked myself this question. Although, many might say, well, you have a husband, a nice career, beautiful, healthy children, a house, a car, and all of your needs met. It would be best if you were happy while this is true. I learned that these things are not what makes me happy. They only add to my happiness. Often in life, we run around trying to pursue "happiness"; in fact, there are books and movies that discuss the "pursuit of happiness." I learned that pursuing happiness externally actually leads to much frustration and little to any happiness at all. I had to discover that for me to have "Blissful Living, "it first started with me. You might question this because we have been conditioned in our society to look outside of ourselves for happiness. We look at degrees, traveling, spouses, kids, clothes, music, fraternities, sororities, political affiliations, clubs, church, religion, and the list goes on and on for happiness. However, these are not things that will ever make you happy. Some might be puzzled that I mentioned "religion or church" as places or institutions that will never make you happy. This is correct. These things do not bring you Blissful Living. They might add to it, but they will never bring it to you.

If you truly want to have a Blissful Life. You must be willing to work for it. I'm not talking about prosperity. I'm talking about PROSPERITY within myself. Prosperity, what does this word even mean. According to Webster's dictionary, Prosperity means the state of being prosperous.

Hmmm...Let's look at how we come into Blissful Living and how Prosperity is tied so closely together.

Blissful living comes from taking time to be mindful and in tune with self. It is taking those moments of gratitude and inflicting them upon yourself. It is a daily ritual that you practice for yourself and yourself. The more you grow, stay in the moment, and have a Blissful Living mindset, you will project and eventually live in a prosperous state. Did you catch that from me? Do you see how these two are one? Yes, these two are one. To live a blissful life is to live a life of love for self, but not in a selfish way. In a selfless way. In a way that you show gratitude and love to yourself daily. As you show yourself this love, you share it out as you share your abundant joy and love. You start to live in a prosperous state of being.

There is no magic pill to make you happy. However, I can assure you that everything you need to fulfill your happiness and have that "Blissful Living" is inside you. You have to tap into the " Christ Spirit" within and let it take hold. Allow yourself to sit in its Love and marinate yourself in the warmth and beauty of this almighty Love and Comfort. You have to do this daily. You have to work on appreciation, love, and empathy. You find this within yourself. It is there as a guide for you. You get there through the arts. Once you cre8te that space. You baste in it, and you allow it to become your daily need. You dictate your happiness, just like you create your prosperity. You control these things. However, prosperity in this sense is a state. It has nothing to do and all to do with the material wealth that will most likely come your way. However, it has more to do with your faith in standing in a prosperous position. Guess what? Weak, broken people who don't know how to love themselves; have a hard time staying in this state long enough to reap its full benefits. That is why I am guiding you to figure out for yourself how to get a Blissful Life. This journey is your journey, but the tools are there to have if you chose to take it—blissful living in the state of being prosperous. Come on in and let's have a session. My studio is always open!

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